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Written by Dan   

What determines when a bike simply has the "look"? It is usually a combination of the right stance, very well thought out engineering, and a general  flow of enough color or polish for interest, but not so much it overwhelms. THIS is what Angry Monkey Motorcycles is about. We do vary a little in either direction of this basic formula, but as you will see in the gallery, our bikes have a particular look, that, while influenced by much, imitates no one. Every Angry Monkey motorcycle is hand built one at a time in my garage for the love of the build, with as much fabrication as possible done in house. What bits we cannot build, we use only top-shelf vendors and parts.


Is an Angry Monkey Motorcycle "the" bike for everybody? NO! All my bikes use rigid rear sections, thinly padded seats, narrow bars, and a saddle set well back. The riding stance is aggressive, reaching forward, back arched. No mufflers, no windshields, no saddle bags, no juice brakes, and no heated grips! The fact is, my bikes ride great for rigids, but they are not like riding a "road sofa". I only build one, or occasionally two, bikes a year, so I am glad it's not everyone's idea of the perfect bike. Here is what these bikes are though: nimble, quick, loud, reliable, well thought out, and easy on the eyes.


Take a minute to watch the slide-show above; you can advance through the slides by rolling your pointer over either side of the slides and click on the arrows. Also, be sure to check out the "Photo Gallery", as this showcases some of my previous builds, as well as my current build. Click on the pics to get them full-size.

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