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Angry Monkey Motorcycles T-Shirt

Angry Monkey Motorcycles Generator Block-off Plate

NEW! “Angry Monkey” Generator Block Off Plate. These plates were designed by Dan here at Angry Monkey Motorcycles, and have been used on several of our bikes. If you have a Triumph Pre unit that has a generator, but you want to run an alternator (and no battery) this is your ticket. They fit like a glove and are cut with a water-jet out of ¼” aluminum. Don’t wait! This is a limited run item.

$25.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states. All other countries, go HERE This is the same item, but with shipping included.

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Angry Monkey Motorcycles T-Shirt

Angry Monkey Motorcycles License Plate/Tail Light Bracket

“Angry Monkey” License plate/tail light bracket. These brackets are 100% made in the USA. If you’ve had a single-bend license plate bracket to fatigue, crack and/or break off (as I have) this is your solution! Our bracket is made of 10 gauge steel, is fully TIG welded in house, comes powder coated gloss black and is designed to use the legendary Tit-Mouse tail lights from After Hours Choppers. We have been using this plate and light combo (in brass) for years. They look awesome, and are tough enough to be your LAST tail light/license plate bracket. If you have a European plate and need a custom size, let us know. If you want a bracket in raw, let us know. Check the drop down to the right for light combos.


$159, Bracket only, Shipped to the lower 48 states. All other countries, add only $20 for additional shipping cost. (contact me for special invoice)


Be sure to e-mail me a pic of you wearing your Angry Monkey shirt near a local landmark, I will post it on the "Fan Photos" page of this website.

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