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“Who is Angry Monkey Motorcycles?”

The short answer is Dan Patterson. He lives and works in Tupelo Mississippi USA (birthplace of Elvis) and builds kustom British bikes in his garage. These bikes are custom made one at a time with as much work as possible done in-house. Angry Monkey Motorcycles is his passion for creating beautiful, rideable works of art.


“What kind of bikes does Angry Monkey Motorcycles make?”

We build 1970 and earlier British bikes, preferably Triumph. One of the goals of Angry Monkey Motorcycles is to create a look that harkens to a bygone era, one of post-war bobbers and drag bikes with a bit of flat-track thrown in for good measure. However, we do not want to label our bikes as any of these styles exclusively, since the titles themselves are VERY open to interpretation. The fact is, these machines are built with rigid rear suspension, bobbed rear fenders, lots of black, and a general stripped-down look.


“Is an Angry Monkey Motorcycle reliable?”

Yes. Even though the Brit bikes are all forty years old, or older, there is a reason they are still out there. The basic motor and transmission design, while simple by today’s standards, is quite robust. These Triumph motors are more than a pretty face, they have been a staple of transportation and performance for many years, and as such, have had numerous mechanical and electrical upgrades designed and made available. All our bikes have either a solid state electronic ignition system or a magneto ignition system, which totally eliminates the original Lucas systems of old. Also, on all our bike we use an uprated charging system which includes a solid state rectifyer and a higher output 12 volt alternator or generator. We also use an automotive-grade oil-filter system to enhance the longevity of these old bikes. Add to this, the option of a finely tuned modern carburetor, and you have a one or two-kick motorcycle, every time.


“Aren’t old Brit bikes high-maintenance?”

No. Our bikes do not require a lot of attention. Every one of our bikes has “shakedown miles” put on to fine tune, and set everything up to spec for you. There is no bike that is maintenance-free though. These bikes do require regular valve adjustments, especially so, if the motor is freshly built. Other than that, it is like any other bike.


“What does a ‘kustom build’ include?”

A kustom build includes a private photo-documented build-thread so you can follow the action and see progress as it is happening. Also you get very detailed billing statements, showing what parts were used, the cost of these parts and itemized labor stating hours used on each aspect of the build. You will also receive detailed care and maintenance directions, and an exhaustive parts list should anything need replacement. We also feel strongly about having clear and regular communication with our clients.


“Your bikes look VERY stripped-down, is it legal to leave off that many things (front fender, horn, etc.)?”

Maybe, maybe not. You are responsible to find out what is, or is not, legal in your own state or country. Many states and countries will have regulations set more loosely on older vehicles, regarding front fenders, front brakes, directional indicators, mirrors, noise levels, horns, etc. Of course, some have opted to simply “roll the dice” on such matters, and this is your decision. I am not liable for your decision to be non-compliant to your local laws. If your area does require silly things like front brakes or mirrors or anything else, these items can be incorporated to the build.


“I’m sold, how do I schedule a build with you?”  Or, “I have more questions, how do I contact you?”

You can contact Dan through this website, to see when his next available slot will be, or to ask more questions. Dan will respond within a day or two.