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Here are some links to friends and Vendors...

Moores Sensible Products

Dan Moore is passionate about what he does, and he does it well. What Dan does is makes custom parts to keep our vintage iron happy and healthy, his specialty is making the "Puck", a tidy oil filter bracket. We use his "puck" on all our current builds. Why? They are nice looking, small, and are hand made in the USA by a man that cares.

Paint by Ryzart

Rich is THE MAN! He has exquisite taste with colors and style. Rich did the paint on "Frau Blucher", "Pura Vida", 62 T-110, "old Number 3", and "Old Man". He has a distinct old-school, traditional style.

Chopped Triumphs

Joe is a great guy to deal with, and he makes some absolutely beautiful parts, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. Check out his billet front motor mounts for pre-unit Triumphs, as seen on "Sherralee", "Pura Vida", and "Old Man". Joe also makes a trick electronic ignition setup for pre units, that goes in place of the factory Lucas magneto, and uses a Boyer or Pazon as you would install on a later "unit" bike.

Troy Fab

Steve Sheldon is a true innovator and perfectionist when it comes to making custom parts for vintage Triumph bikes. From his famous alloy speedometer delete cap for the Triumph rear wheel to his new "unit" case protectors, Steve is your go-to guy for custom machining and parts. Check out his site. NOW!

The Factory Metal Works

Lucas and his crew build some top-shelf frames and other chopper/bobber related parts. They are always adding new stuff, so check back often.

Lowbrow Customs

Tyler is a real stand up guy, and has a great selection of hard to find OG and custom bits for Brit bikes. They ship quickly and are great to deal with.